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Discussion in 'The TribeZ Chat' started by AbbyNormal, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. AbbyNormal New Member

    So I'm stuck on Alien Shore. All the territories have been bought, all the fog is cleared. I've got three open quests: two to explore the Mysterious Crop Circles, and then one to Explore the UFO. The problem is that both crop circles and the UFO are unreachable. They are on the other side of the broken pipes, but I have not been prompted to fix the pipes or the factory. I've clicked on everything and it says 'it's unclear what to do with this' or 'the time to use this hasn't arrived to use this'. I'm at level 87 with 67 happiness. Screenshot is below. Can anyone tell me what I need to do?

  2. Long Active Member

    Your screen shot is just the center of your island, so cannot see your whole island. The UFO is at the top left corner of the island. If you have purchased all pieces of land on this island, you should be able to see it. I remember fixing the pipes (left, center, right, etc.) are consective tasks.... and they were after the Circles and UFO tasks. And the fixing the Factory was the last task. So it sounds like you played ahead of the story line (means you did things without being asked by tasks). If there is nothing else you can do now, you can open a ticket and see what GI would say.

    Just an advise (to everybody) when you take screen shot, don't use the game's camera function, it would only give you a very small center picture and it would add the log, the boarder, the graphics, etc., when you want to take screen shot, use your device's native screen shot function, which would give you the full screen. It is especially important when you send screen shot to GI as part of the support ticket you open.

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