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  1. Dave Administrator

    Currently on the 3rd island and still unable to create sand. Ive just investigating the UFO at the moment.

    Just means theres nothing left for me to do on the first two islands as I cant complete certain missions until I can send sand back! Great time to build up the money though!!
  2. Dave Administrator

    Yay! At last ive started some missions which will eventually allow me to get the sandpit! Thought this time would never happen!

    Although, judging by some of the current drop rates, could still be sometime before the sandpit in completed!
  3. Long Active Member

    @Dave: Sand was the first hard thing to get, took very long time to get the Sand Pit when I was at your level. Glass will be the next thing I think also on the 3rd island, then Coral will be the next difficult thing in the 4th island, and then Copper is even more difficult in the 5th island, and then Paint.... You just hope you don't encounter a bug...
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  4. Dave Administrator

    Thanks Long. Game does seem to be getting more difficult! While im waiting theres nothing for me to do on two of my islands so im currently raking in the money!
  5. Long Active Member

    Yeah, try to accumulate as much Gold as you can is always a good thing to do at lower levels, the land will become more and more expensive to buy for your expansions. Until you reach maybe level 70 to 80, Gold will become irrelevant because you purchased all the land expansions already at that level, like myself, have 450 million Gold today and continue growing by about 10 million a day, it is meaningless.
  6. olly 333 Member

    Hi there. I'm not a regular visitor anymore for several reasons, but I'm still playing the game. I finally had the same waiting problem asDave, but now there is more action, I have reached AncestorÁtoll. I am at lvl 39, so a long way to go.... But I still like the game.
  7. Dave Administrator

    Good to see you again Olly.

    As for the sand, im over run with it now!
  8. Brenda New Member

    :unsure: I finally found the last part I needed from the ufo and still not able to make sand , that is the only thing holding me back from continuing on but have upgraded the stone statue there and without the cut marble can't even finis the update what else is needed to get the sand ????
  9. Dave Administrator

    (n) I cant for the life of me remember what I needed to do to get sand now! It did take quite a while though.

    Got 8 of the sand mines now, so plenty to send sand to all the different isalnds. Just waiting for coral now!
  10. Gemma84 New Member

    Just a quick question, I am finally building the sand pit, what do I need to make the sand? Just so I'm prepared when it's ready!!

  11. AStarsfan New Member

    If I remember right, I had the same problem. Make sure your houses are upgraded to max levels to get quest for sand.
  12. Brenda New Member

    Yea me finally got my sand pit opened ,now building the cut marble building it takes 12 hrs. , and level 40 I was excited to get the sand pit .....
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  13. Dave Administrator

    Glad you got your sand pit. Next battle will be getting coral!
  14. Syspiria Member

    I'm struggling to get the sand pit now. Frustrating!! It's hard to save money when you need so much with each expansion. I need to figure out a better way to streamline my game play.
  15. CLR22 New Member

    If you need to explore all three mysterious circles and one is on the other side of the river, how do you explore it if you need sand to build the bridge to get to the circle? So confused.
  16. Syspiria Member

    Agreed! I'm still working on getting the sand pit. I've gotten better at getting money quicker, but dang!
  17. Blackcloud New Member

    Great I am at the Sand stage now and judging by the comments I will have a couple of useless islands for a while.:arghh:
  18. Syspiria Member

    I don't consider them useless, you can stock up on resources, earn money for expansions and do quests.
  19. LadyJ New Member

    I am at level 39 and cant get sand ;/

    need sand and marble to do all missions so annoying :(
  20. Cosmic Blue Administrator

    you should be able to get sand from your neighbours until you arrive at mystery shore and fulfill the required quests to build sand mines.

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