Moon Shamans

Discussion in 'The TribeZ Guides' started by scribb, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. scribb Member

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to collect the blue shining bags?
    Industrial and commercial buildings seem to give weapons but I can't find a source of the blue whatever-it-is to fight the witches etc.
    Definitely not wasting gems on them!
  2. Silversueuk Member

    I got a blue bag by clicking on one of the "monsters" Don't know which one. Found 4 different types so far.
  3. Liz Andress New Member

    They rejuvenate every three minutes, there is a counter in the top left hand corner.
  4. bew0072 New Member

    Every 3 minutes certainly isn't fast enough. Seems like the only way to complete this quest is to spend the gems on recouping the moon power. Typical GI...
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  5. scribb Member

    Don't collect the wooden chest! Total waste of time - collect 20 fairies to become eligible and all you get is (I think) 100 moon points. AAAAAARGH!
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  6. Blackcloud New Member

    I am enjoying this quest, of course I know it will be impossible to complete but I like killing the various monsters...:)
  7. Iona New Member

    I actually think this is more achievable then the last one, I'm hopeful of getting the moon smithy. I think it's important to make sure you are defeating the right monsters at the right time - 1st just the fairies, then werewolfs, then zombies ect.

    Anyone know exactly how you get the activators? I'm a bit short on those
  8. Iona New Member

    I am so dissappointed - I worked really hard to get all the things to build the smithys and when I tried to build them the game kept crashing. And now when I try and build them it won't let me, even though I have all the pieces some of them are in red :(
  9. scribb Member

    you've done so much better than me .... I keep tapping the wrong monsters by mistake because my screen is so small then when I look the energy count has suddenly gone to zero.... AAAARGH 3 hours to accumulate 60 points, gone in a millisecond
    I know why this game is so addictive! because I LIKE bashing my head against a brick wall!!!!!
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  10. Mrstepot New Member

    @scribb do you know what you get if you trade for the Iron Chest? I am not going to finish this quest, so I figured I may as well trade everything I have earned for the Iron Chest before the clock runs out! Maybe I will even get the Gold Chest. It will be close. :)
  11. Blackcloud New Member

    Well I came close to finishing this quest, I was 1 collection away from getting the Tower but I got my Moon Smithy.
    It was fun and I got further than I thought but oh so frustrating. I think if I gave thought to a strategy earlier on what monsters to tap rather than my random kills, I think I would have finished this quest.
    I am now looing forward to the next one.
  12. scribb Member

    congratulations! I got nowhere, I think picking up the iron chest too early was my downfall but I couldn't even get enough activators to collect the fairy collection - but I agree, it was fun
  13. Blackcloud New Member

    I waited to get the final Casket, gave me lots of activators but not enough.
    In teh final 6 hours I got enough for the second casket but not enough activators to economically finish the quest, not worth 80+ crystals to me.

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