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Discussion in 'The TribeZ Chat' started by Papahbear, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. Papahbear New Member

    I'm on a posting binge tonight, forgive me.

    I've seen countless posts from people on many forums about suddenly finding themselves on a level 10 or 20 lower than they were, having lost all progress (and gem purchases). The most common are people who find themselves at the very start.

    I know why this is happening and can only make one strong recommendation. Your game is saved locally to your device. In my case, my Ipad memory. Any corruption in that database can be catastrophic. I strongly recommend backing up your device to avoid such losses. In my case, I sync to iTunes on my laptop saving the backup both to iCloud, my server, and my computer for good measure. I refuse to do less after having lost a month of hard work and long hours on an animation project plus the backup in one swipe. I was sleep deprived and believed I was cleaning up my workspace. The client was due to edit the show in 10 hours and I had to start over. Trust me, that's far worse than loosing a game. I learned my lesson and it cost me tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and a customers trust.

    On a hopeful note, I've read feedback from Tribez developers that they are working on a system to allow you to save your game data on their servers. It's anyone's guess how long this will take, if it actually gets released into the wild, and what issues may arrive from it. Backing up your system is still the safest course of action.

    Now watch me eat my own words. I'd better back up tonight.
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  2. Syspiria Member

    Thanks for the suggestion papahbear. I've honestly never backed up, and at level 39 I know I'd flip if I lost my game or any time at this point, especially where I've purchased items that have to be bought with gems! I'll be backing it up tonight as well!
  3. VanMan Active Member

    Great suggestion Papahbear. Honestly, I have never backed up a cellphone game, and was never too worried if it crashed and I lost it all. This game, however, is so much hard work, that I would be more then a little upset if I lost my progress. Never backed up a cellphone game to my computer tho, so that will have a bit of a learning curve.
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  4. Syspiria Member

    I failed at backing up tonight. I need to update iTunes. Hubs says that we've never backed up this iPad, and he's not sure if it will wipe it clean when I sync it. Kinda freaks me out! I use my autistic daughter's iPad when she'll let me, and while I know I can get the apps back, I don't want to lose my game progress, especially since I have spent money as well as time on it. I play Simpsons too, so I really need to back them both up. Any know about what happens when you sync an iPad to iTunes for the first time? It's already linked to our iTunes account via Internet, we've just never plugged it into the computer because it mainly has therapy apps, Netflix, cartoons and a few apps for me.
  5. VanMan Active Member

    2 thoughts: First, if backing your ipad up creates a greater risk of losing your game data then some mysterious crash down the road that hasn't happened yet, then don't back it up.

    Second, if you have not synced your ipad in ages, that "might" be the reason that your game has not been going through the same convulsions that every other ipad user is going through. Maybe they are all synced up, and that is having something to do with the crashing. No idea if that is true, but just a thought.
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  6. Syspiria Member

    Interesting thought. My kids are rough on the iPads, but I keep this one in an otter box, so hopefully it's safe. I'd be so sad to lose my games, they are my sanity somedays!
  7. Cosmic Blue Administrator

    It will copy all the files on the computer without removing or changing them.
    I would suggest if you can live without upgrade to ios dohe current ios seems to be working fine for you leave it alone if possible.
  8. becca23 New Member

    what do you do if its on andoid
  9. Cosmic Blue Administrator

    you need to have your phone rooted and then download a program like titantum back up or system tuner pro paid versions of course.
    then open the program and hit user, it will give you a list of programs that can be backed up.
    Simply choose the app or file that you want to back up. go to the bar at the bottom than hit back up. Wait a few minutes until it is backed up and you are done.

    I use system tuner pro. programs that can be backed up show as yellow, backed up programs show as green.
  10. becca23 New Member

    thanks for that ... im up to level 58 on a sony tablet and I think its dying ... hubby can research
  11. HnutZ New Member

    Is it possible to transfer my game on my galaxy s4 to my galaxy tablet?? Someone suggested Kies...??
  12. Cosmic Blue Administrator

    yes, it is possible but a little more complicated.

    1. make sure your phone is rooted.

    2. make a back up using titanium back up or system tuner pro paid version. my preference is system tuner pro, i know it works.
    3. make sure that the same back up program is on both devices.
    4. connect your phone to your computer then browse to the back file created by the app.
    5. copy the tribez files and folder you will find located in a back up folder to your computer.
    6. connect your tablet, copy the files that you copied earlier into the back up folder on your tablet.
    7. access the back up program, you should be able to see the tribez folder there.
    8. Hit restore and it should recreate the game on your tablet. It may either some time or you may have do it a couple of times till the device configures the files properly.

    I used this method to restore the game after my phone crashed and i had to do a complete wipe and restore.
  13. becca23 New Member

    is it the same for a sony tablet as a phone
  14. Cosmic Blue Administrator

    I assume yes, depending on if you can get your devices rooted. I not familiar with the rooting system on a sony tablet or phone.
  15. VanMan Active Member

    Good luck with Kies, HnutZ!! I can't even get Kies to run Kies properly most of the time! lol

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