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Discussion in 'The TribeZ News & Information' started by Cosmic Blue, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Cosmic Blue Administrator

    Thanks to Cat, our newest member for this post.

    I had this issue over the weekend. I just got a response which is by far better than any other. Hopefully will be fixed for all this week!
    We well need to wait and see if what they say comes true.
  2. Anna Burke New Member

  3. Anna Burke New Member

    Love the way they rub in what we're missing because they are incompetent! hahaha!!!! The new update doesn't work...infact, its worse by far than the last one. Why cant they reinstate the last working version, and they can work on the problems they have until it is fully functional and ready to be released? This is poor service. We can only get results if ALL PLAYERS refuse to buycrystals etc until the game works properly again.
  4. Ncmama New Member

    I am totally frustrated with these updates! Last time there was a major issue with the game crashing , they finally updated that and fixed that issue! Now, in order to fix the current bridge conundrum, they issued another update that renders the game unplayable as I am unable to get past the load screens without it popping up as "an error has occurred ...."! I am fortunate to have only had to wait days for the problem "solving" with the bridge as I seen many others had to wait quite a while for it. I am, Sure their disappointment exceeds mine that this game is useless at the moment...again. I hope they fix this quickly. The claim to test these updates, but there are issues every time they update it seems. :/
  5. Ncmama New Member

    If I didn't love the game and have so much time in it, I would just delete it.
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  6. Ncmama New Member

    Update: finally able to get in the game. Bridge bug still not fixed :/
  7. Anna Burke New Member

    Takes hours to play this game now since it crashes so often. I still have no access to Island of the ancients. Crashes on loading. Odd how some are having this problem, yet it is apparently working on facebook. As it was only recently leased on facebook, seems those of us who were dedicated to this game are of no consequence anymore.Disgraceful customer service, and poor programming. Im seriously thinking of deleting it. More hassle than its worth. Shame. Had great graphics and design.
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  8. scribb Member

    I have an android system and have never seen any updates available in the Google Play store. Are all these updates just for the i-phone / i-pad or have I missed something?
  9. Ncmama New Member

    Yea my mom has android,She isn't as far as me yet either so she doesn't have the bridge issues. But also hasn't been getting all these updates. I'm on an iPhone . I still cannot progress in my game because they have yet to fix the issues.
  10. Cosmic Blue Administrator

  11. sqweek01 New Member

    The last time i was able to play the game was 3 updates ago (6/7 weeks now i think). When i can I play on on an upto date ipod, with latest version. The game loads to 99/100% and then crashes. I've been 'talking' to support about it and they want me to send 'crash reports' which is fair enough but I can't find them, manually or otherwise, on my computer.

    Apart from the instructions that are available on the GI website is there any other way to find them?

  12. Cosmic Blue Administrator


    You need to ask GI where to find the crash reports if you are playing the facebook version.
  13. sqweek01 New Member

    I play on my iPod :)
  14. Cosmic Blue Administrator

    check under the tribez file using my files or equivalent for crash reports.
  15. sqweek01 New Member

    You mean on the actual device or through a PC? I know this sounds like a dumb question! Under 'settings' - 'the tribez' on my iPod all I get is my current version and support ID. I've tried and re-tried the links they've given my to get crash reports from my PC but get all I get is a 'cannot find file (the support link). Make sure the path or Internet address is correct.

    What do these reports actually look like?
  16. Cosmic Blue Administrator

    no i mean from the root directory where tribez installed on your device, you may have a crash report file created and stored there.
  17. sqweek01 New Member

    Managed to find where the crash reports are located on my iPod, at least I think so! Is this what they look like?


    If so, what's the best way to get them off my device to send the 'support' team of the game? I've got 'automatic notifications' set up already. There are a lot of them so something quick but effective would be great! Then hopefully soon I can get playing again, I haven't been able to play since Oct 3rd this year!
  18. Cosmic Blue Administrator

    That is the crash report for the whole ipod not only the game.

    to send just attach it to email like you just did to this fourm.
  19. AnnieS New Member

    I finally received my (gems) credit for the $275 I lost in game play when it crashed on my android. Honestly though it took over 2 months. I am happy with the results though. I appreciate that they finally came through. So I've been playing again and I just love it all over again. Starting over from scratch did not hurt as much as I thought it would because I forgot how much fun this game was in the beginning.

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