How many warehouses do you suggest?

Discussion in 'The TribeZ Chat' started by Syspiria, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. Syspiria Member

    I'm level 29 currently. I'm on two islands, about to get to a third I think. I'm working on saving up resources for the other islands as needed. How many warehouses do you guys have on your islands? I have 11 on my first island, two of those being built now. Some are fully upgraded, but I don't have crystals right now to upgrade the others, so I'm just upgrading to level 3 on them. How much do you like to have stored? I'm feeling like a virtual hoarder! Lol
  2. Cosmic Blue Administrator

    5 on first island and 3 on the second island, you need to be able to store large quantites of food, stone, lumber as all the higher level buildings use them one one way or another.
  3. Brenda New Member

    I currently have 4 on most islands that are opened
  4. Dave Administrator

    I try and build as many as possible. Especially on islands where you need to send resources such as marble and sand.
  5. Syspiria Member

    I'm thinking on the 3rd island I really need to get more built before I need them for sand. Working on saving money for expansions.
  6. Long Active Member

    I have a couple of posts talking about the general strategy when you open up a new island (regarding Food, materials, buildings, Warehouse, etc.), the layout of your island, and other things. Here are the links you can read:

    In general, I recommend the Warehouse capability for 4500 to 5000 units for each island, that applies to both producing island and receiving island. The first 3 islands would be your producing island and the rest 4 island would be your receiving island. The producing islands normally would produce most of your materials and send over to the receiving islands. You need to have big enough warehouse capability in order to build some material intensive buildings, to be able to store enough produced materials (to be sent to other islands), and to be able to store the received materials. The first post has details.
  7. Syspiria Member

    Thanks Long. I've been through your posts, and they've helped a ton. I'm trying to focus on one or two resources per island per day to make sure I've got enough for sending. So far so good.
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  8. Brenda New Member

    I have at least 3 or 4 on each island I have opened ..
  9. Syspiria Member

    I've got about 10-12 right now on the first 3 islands. Lol
  10. VanMan Active Member

    I never upgrade my warehouses past level 3 simply because it is cheaper to simply build another level 3 warehouse then to spend 15 gems to upgrade from 3 to 4. I am only level 47, and have not done all the land expansions, so right now I have a capacity of 2500 on each island. I can definitely see following Long's advice and raising that to 4000 once I get all the land purchased.
  11. Long Active Member

    Completely agree, don't ever upgrade your Warehouse from level 3 to level 4, not worth the 15 Gems, just build another Warehouse to level 3 when you need larger capacity. I accidentally upgraded a couple of my Warehouse to level 4 before (by clicking things too quick), which made me mad :banghead:. I actually never used Gems intentionally, you do not have to use Gems for this whole game.
  12. VanMan Active Member

    I did the exact same thing on my first island, not really paying attention to the requirements for the level 4 upgrade. I was wondering where all my gems were going, when I went to upgrade a 3rd warehouse to 4 and stopped just in time. Tricky on GI's part! lol

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