How do I add neighbours?

Discussion in 'The TribeZ Chat' started by ruggiegirl, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. ruggiegirl New Member

    How do I get neighbours?
  2. Syspiria Member

    I don't think that works yet does it?
  3. Cosmic Blue Administrator

    Adding neighbours is working.

    on your device push the little up arrow in the bottom right corner to bring up the menu bar.
    click on the i button, then click on the invite friends button.
    enter neigbours code and click ssend.

    Android users may encounter this bug.

    Why does not it allow me to type codes?
    The problem may occur if your device have the predictive text option which is not supported in the game. In order to redeem code you should disable this option.
    The ways to disable predictive text are different for all devices.

    For example:
    1) Settings -> Language & Keyboard -> Predictive text Off
    2) In the settings of the certain language (Language & Keyboard -> English -> settings -> Predictive text Off)
    3) Special button (for example T9) right on the keyboard and etc.

    In case you meet any difficulties with your default keyboard you can always download any keyboard app from google play which will allow to set it up as you want it to be.
  4. Syspiria Member

    Oh! I didn't see there was an update. Awesome!
  5. Lkphoff New Member

    I would like to me added as a neighbor: mcggi1b
  6. astmtlove New Member

    i followed the steps on my ipad but there isn't an

    "add friends button". It seems i can only add friends if i log into facebook.
  7. Cosmic Blue Administrator

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