can't upgrade warehouse

Discussion in 'The TribeZ Chat' started by Tammy, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. Tammy New Member

    I try and upgrade the warehouse, but it says I am missing 100 wood, but i have 200. When it says I need food its in red and i get enough it turns color which lets me know i now have enough food. The wood always stays red even when i have more than i need. I am playing on an iPhone if that helps.
  2. VanMan Active Member

    That is the problem! If everyone just scrapped their iPhones and iPods, and bought Android devices, all their problems would be solved! LOL

    Seriously tho, that is quite weird, not heard of that one before. If you can, capture a screenshot and open a ticket and send it to GI when requested. Been hearing of some very strange problems since the last patch, particularly with Apple devices.
  3. Syspiria Member

    Shhhh....I'm still good so far, other than having to rebuild one bridge.

    Definitely get a screen shot if you can. Is this happening with all your warehouses or just one?

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